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     because "the same as a man" is       not always best for a woman

WIN is your personal financial coach

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WIN delivers trustworthy expert guidance and relevant unbiased information

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  How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Investing is the key to creating wealth.


WIN helps you decide how best to invest to achieve your financial goals.


Then we make it easy to start investing - no matter how you choose to invest.


Prefer a professional portfolio manager?

WIN helps with selecting the right fit. 

Want to Do-it-Yourself, WIN will guide you.

Interested in digital "Robo" investing, WIN makes it simple. 

WIN subscribers access all digital partners with a simple click.

WIN uncomplicates your financial life.

A Financial Plan 

An Investment Plan 

A financial plan is a roadmap to your financial goals, now and for the future. 


You know your dreams and needs. WIN knows how to match goals with financial options. Your personal plan may include budgeting, saving, insurance & investing. 

Your time is valuable. Based on your goals, personality & lifestyle, we may choose to automate your saving and investing. 

24/7 guidance and relevant knowledge enable you to make informed decisions, on your schedule, confidently.  

WIN members have exclusive use of 

DecideGuide - our one-of-a-kind interactive decision-making tool.


WIN makes it simple to reach your financial goals. 


Introducing DecideGuide

Your on-demand personal finance coach. 

The simple smart way to make better financial decisions.



DecideGuide is the on-demand decision tool you personalize.


With simple Yes / No answers discover what's best for you, in minutes.


Want a hint or to learn more, all you need is at your fingertips - no search required.


Putting your financial plan into action is effortless.

One-click access to multiple offers makes it simple to get the best price on the product and services you need.

WIN DecideGuide - Better outcomes, less time & worry.

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WIN makes a better financial life simple.

- Expert personalized guidance available 24/7

- Relevant, accurate, unbiased content at your fingertips


- One-click take action  

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