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How to invest in 3 Simple Steps 

You do not need a lot of money to start  investing, and the steps to begin are simple.

The sooner you start investing the better - even if you have only a small amount of money to invest.  Because of the way investments grow, if you delay you will likely need to invest a much greater sum of money to achieve the same result.

How to invest in 3 Simple Steps 

There are a million ways to make investing sound complicated, and the financial industry often does.  For many people who want to invest, the process seems "too” complicated. It is not.

Time is money in the world world of investing, and the earlier you start the better. Follow our guide below and you'll be investing in 3 quick and simple steps.  

Open a Brokerage Account

Transfer money from your bank account to your brokerage account

Buy an Index Fund* or other investment

Each step is explained fully below with links to make getting started even easier!

Each step is explained fully below with links to make getting started even easier!

How to invest in 3 Simple Steps 

 STEP 1: Open a Brokerage Account. If you are investing for retirement, consider a brokerage IRA. 


TIP: Pay attention to fees! 

        Check for transaction (buy &sell), monthly, account and fund management fees   


Easy link to Vanguard, Fidelity, SchwabEtrade*


TIP: If you prefer an investing app, choose one that does not require you to spend to invest! Investing should be a stand-alone priority not conditioned on spending.


STEP 2: Link your bank account and transfer money. Step-by-step instructions on how to link will be

provided by the brokerage company you select when opening your account.


STEP 3: Enter a “Buy” order to purchase your selected fund** or other investment



* We are providing these links solely to make it easier for you to research options. We do not endorse or recommend any individual financial provider or product. We do not sell financial products or manage investments. Your best interest is our only concern, to help you understand your options and confidently take action to achieve your goals.

​**An Index Fund with a low management fee, established track record, and no transaction costs is a smart, quick and easy way to start investing.  Learn why.

All investments carry some degree of risk. Even insured bank savings accounts. Savings deposits carry inflation risk. They may not earn enough (interest) over time to keep pace with the increasing cost of living. When investing in securities, there is the potential for loss of the sum invested. It is important to know your risk tolerance and time horizon - for how long you will be investing until you need the money, to make smart investment decisions with the appropriate risk-reward profile. To learn more about investing visit our Bottom Line Tips & Insights. 



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