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Entrepreneur or Executive

Your business or career is a key element of who you are.  Concerns may include balancing funding your business and saving and investing for the future, deferred compensation, tax efficiency, income and asset protection, and next ventures. You may have a family and wish to plan a legacy, or need to manage inconsistent cash flow.  Balancing the facets of your exceptional life necessitates time-effective decision-making. Our DecideGuide tool will help.



You’re balancing the needs of two other generations with your own. Your concerns include long-term care, college funding and everything in-between. Women are increasingly responsible for managing wealth - $70 trillion by 2020. You need to be prepared and supported with knowledge, tools and a plan. Having the Money Talk early will benefit everyone. Our "What-if" tool helps you see the impact of and make the best decisions for all the important people in your life. 


Divorced or Widowed

Considering or completing a divorce creates special financial needs and considerations.  Starting a new chapter, you need to know if your lifestyle will change, to re-evaluate your financial goals and to reinvest your assets to maximize growth. Your concerns may include achieving an equitable financial settlement, the tax implications of child and spousal support, securing pension distributions and social security benefits, and properly retitling assets and accounts. 



You’re balancing your family’s current financial needs with saving for both college and retirement. Concerns include selecting the right amount and account for education and retirement savings, maximizing the growth of assets, and your trust and estate plan. Our Goal-Planner tool enables you to visualize the impact of trade-offs so you can make the best-informed decision toward achievement of all of your goals. 


Young Professional

You are focused on building your business or career. You need to balance paying off student loans and meeting current financial needs with saving and investment for goals – a first home, building a family, and retirement. You are committed to participating in a pension plan or 401(k) but are unsure how to select investments and maximize any employer match. New personal and business relationships present unfamiliar financial issues. Guidance on balancing responsibilities with investing for future wealth is of value.   



You're sharing your life with a partner. You're part of a team.  Your concerns may include how to best organize your separate and joint accounts and assets, plan for the future - respecting each partners' unique needs and dreams, and determine how and when you can afford to buy a home, take leave to start or care for a family, launch a business, and pursue other financial goals.  Our DecideGuide tool lets both of you discover what's right for you quickly and simply. 



You earned your retirement. Preservation of wealth to last your lifetime is a key concern.  You may also be focused on maximizing the value of your legacy, minimizing estate tax, and gifting during your lifetime. You wonder from where your income will come from and how you will manage it to meet your current needs and future goals. We show you in illustration the sources and uses of income under various scenarios so you can make an informed decision as to the plan which best suits your needs and goals. 


Doing Good

You have done well and are committed to doing good. Actively engaged in philanthropy a key concern is protecting your wealth and ensuring your legacy. You may be concerned about managing family finances in the event of the loss of a partner or protecting family assets in the event of a divorce. Ensuring quality health care, maximizing the impact of your gifts, and creating a financial life plan that provides both for you to maintain your quality of life into retirement and for your legacy are primary goals.  


Free Spirit

You're focused on living life today, but also want to have all you need to live the life you want in the future.Understanding  opportunity costs is key to deciding how much to spend, save, and invest. Planning for the unexpected is key to ensuring you have the means for the life you want. WIN's DecideGuide provides a quick answer to what's right for you given your wants and needs.  



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