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The A,B,Cs of Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain and STOs

How to invest in Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain and Secured Token Offerings.

Virtual currencies are being used in consumer transactions and as an investment vehicle.

Here are the steps you need to take to make a smart investment in emerging technologies and investment vehicles.


Once tagged as the tools of criminals, terrorists and other "bad people," virtual currencies are being used in consumer transactions and as an investment vehicle, blockchain (BC) is positioned as a solution to global inequality, and distributed ledger technology (DLT) is employed by corporations to reduce costs and risk. 


Governments are creating and updating regulatory frameworks - the IRS recently introduced new guidance on sophisticated transactions, involving hard forks and airdrops, IBM is creating commercial blockchain solutions for industries as old as shipping, and financial institutions are introducing new retail investment vehicles.


Investors can buy cryptocurrencies directly, purchase funds investing in crypto currencies and blockchain companies, and participate security token offerings (like an initial public offering (IPO) only involving "tokens" or virtual currency).  For better or worse, investors can even buy cryptocurrencies with retirement funds. 


What do you need to know to respond in your best interest to marketing messages like:  "Invest in bitcoin, ethereum, & other cryptocurrencies within your IRA or 401(k) today”.


If you decide to, how do you participate responsibility balancing "FOMO" (fear of missing out) and your long-term financial health?



  • Start by writing down your needs, goals, and expectations.

  • Do you expect to get rich quick? 

  • Are you comfortable with lots of volatility? 

  • Do you need the money for living expenses?

  • Where is the money for the investment coming from? Are you selling your house, selling an existing investment or using savings?​


Like any investment the value can go down, and up-and-down over time. Knowing how long you can invest for without needing the money is a key consideration for any investment. It may take longer to realize a gain than you expect. 


It is also important to know how much volatility (up-and-down price movement) you can withstand. Cryptocurrency investments tend to be a lot more volatile than a diversified portfolio of stocks. 


Remember to report transactions properly. Cryptocurrency is not exempt from tax reporting and rules.  In the U.S. cryptocurrency investments are treated as capital assets, subject to reporting and to the same tax rules as on any other source of capital gains and losses. 


Especially, with crypto funds being introduced into individual retirement accounts (IRAs) it is critical to increase your knowledge base and to consult with knowledgeable tax and financial professionals on what is right for you. ​


Our goal is to help you understand what is in your best interest by providing objective and accurate knowledge and guidance.  ​


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